September 30, 2013


Late post about the Claudia Strater project

I. My selection of the Claudia Strater clothes.

II. What the selection/recreation became. I wanted to work with an industrial aspect and a organic touch in one silhouette. Transforming the item in another item without to much cutting and stitching. I personally like the skirt which was a part of the inner jacket of the beige trenchcoat, so does the burgundy top/jumper.

September 29, 2013


A balance between commercial and conceptual in a circus inspired way. This time the idea was about tailoring inspired by men’s wear and then analyzed as a experiment. However i find this collection less experiment and deconstruction, i find that they're still following the ideas and vision of Margiela himself and they're doing a good job. I mean, look at the trenchcoat inspired dress in contrast with the simple red silhouette and the pink glitter beaded jacket. Interesting.

September 22, 2013

September 18, 2013


H&M trousers & knit - Gucci scarf - Dune shoes

Yesterday's simple outfit at a simple school day of technical design and technical pattern drawing class. A day were you can wear chunky knits as a coat. Yesterday during pattern drawing class i've learned about the fitting, cuts and stitches of jeans/denim yesterday. Never knew there were so many things to think about when it comes to designing a jeans. However i wear jeans (mostly black ones) quite often, i never designed them before. Never thought of it in that way.

September 17, 2013


Cos jumper, Zara jeans & Berhskha wedges

"The Awkward moments of Joelle". Awkward shot taken while waiting during a photo shoot.

September 14, 2013


Hi there! Last few days i've been quite busy with this project :
Claudia Strater is a Dutch womenswear fashion brand who asked us (my classmates and i) to make a design from old Claudia Strater clothes to a new silhouette. Costumers had the chance to return their old clothes and got a discount for the new collection instead. Each student had to pick out seven items which they find interesting enough to recreate a new design with. There were no limits and we could do everything we want except using fabric was not allowed, only the items we picked. Interesting! So we've had five days to cut/sew/rip/recreate all to a new one. At Monday, the Claudia Strater design team will pick 5 winners, and their design will be showed at three different shops in Holland. So at this moment, i'm giving my recreation a last finishing touch. I'll show you my recreation later!

About Claudia Strater:
Claudia Strater was build in 1970 and is 100% Dutch design with 28 shops, 13 shop in shops in The Netherlands, Luxemburg and a webshop. Our vision is that fashion must show personality and individual interpretation. Claudia Strater stands for quality, functionality, timeless and elegant, now and in the future.
Find more at

September 9, 2013


When i saw the new Lacoste collection i was surprised and find it very refreshing. A call to nineties minimalism with a update of the classic tennis shirt is what Lacoste is all about this spring. However normally i'm not a sportswear fan for daily basis, this collection during NYFW felt way different. Soft fabrics in white and nude colors, clean silhouettes and a touch of sheer triggered me right away. And with my eyes on the oversized trench in the middle, which i just had to share, i say Yay! Lacoste!

Photos; fashiongonerogue

This is not an advertorial or so, i just really like the collection and had to share it.

September 8, 2013


As seasons change, so is my hair color. I have this strange compulsive thing for changing my hair color almost every season in another. I know, it damages my hair to the limit but i can't resist myself of changing it. I like to call myself a chameleon when it comes to hair.
I already tried dip dye, red like Ariel the mermaid, black, highlights, light brown/caramel, copper color ect.. I felt like it's time for something way different, and that is blonde. They say "Blondes have more fun" so that's worth a try.
I think the last moment i was blond, was in kindergarten, so that has been a while. And this is only a intermediate stage because eventually it is going to be grey but that was too much too handle for my hair right now.

P.S. Tomorrow is going to be the first day of a Claudia Strater design project!

September 6, 2013


H&M singlet - Zara shorts - New Balance sneakers - Cos necklace - Chanel Rouge lipstick "Rivoli"

Almost weekend! With only one day to go, i survived the first week of school! Tons of things to do already which i'm pretty excited about and a project coming up next week but i'll tell you more about that later. First, Happy Weekend!

September 2, 2013


Probably when you're reading this, i'm at the first day of a new school year again!

Remember when i showed you some close ups of what i've made for the summer assignment? Well, today we (my classmates and i) have to actually wear it to school, to show it to each other and the teachers. Kinda freaks me out to wear my own design and wearing it for a bunch of people.... Still excited though.

Preparing for first schooldays, i never know what to bring with me cause most of the time you'll get an introduction and information about the lessons and so on. At this very moment i've put this in my bag for surviving the first day;

1; A bag to put everything in.
2; iPhone.
3; Macbook Pro for research.
4; Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies for when the sun decide to come out.
5; Lectra ProMarkers for Fashion Design class (in case needed).
6; School pass.
7; Because i have 29 other classmates, the headphones are a rescue.
8; Agenda.
9; My DIY pen case filled with everything i may be need.
10; Dummy for random thoughts and sketches.

Did i miss something? And how was your first day of school?

September 1, 2013


Photos from various tumblr and minimal artists

Current inspiration about Minimal art and everything neutral (nothing new i guess). The fact of using less materials gives much to think about. When using less, the expression and mind takes over the work and makes her own conclusion about it. Such as for clothes, less is more to think and see about.

First day of school starts tommorow! Pretty excited for what has yet to come.