July 31, 2013

Change of plans

As for a designer or someone who makes stuff, there is most of the time a moment when you change your mind about the item you've been making. As for me, that time has come now.

Remember when i had all my fabrics chosen for the summer assignment? I changed my mind about the minty green batist, wich i wanted to make a short out off. The reason why is because it's too much shine trough, even with 2 layers!
So i went to a fabric market and found this minty green woven beauty. Perfect for a short underneath the all white sweater/dress.

Wich one do you like?
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July 29, 2013

All black everything

COS Necklace - Vintage trousers - Guess shoes

I'm not a crop top kinda girl, because i never show my belly expect for bikini's. But since you can't go shopping without seeing them everywhere, i thought maybe try once.

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July 24, 2013

Sneak preview

Fabrics ; waffle effect cotton and a mix of cotton/silk.

A little preview about how my summer assignment i talked about a couple weeks ago, is going to look like.
It's not finished yet, but hey, it's going to start to look like something already.

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July 19, 2013

DIY; Chrome shoes

shoes ; H&M - book: Love looks not with the eyes by Anne Deniau, Thirtheen years with Lee Alexander McQueen

Did a DIY/transformation with shoes, i was bored of the old ones wich i'd never wear. Because this shoes are made out of plastic, i thought i could give them an other color without worrying about messin' it up.

I've sprayed them with HEMA silver chrome spray.

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July 16, 2013

Current random inspiration

Current random inspiration; Photos from various tumblr, photo in the middle by Robert Mapplethorpe

As for fashion, most of the time i find inspiration in architecture. Someone told me once "there is a thin line between fashion and architecture". I share that opion, for me fashion is also structured and build out of lines, that's how you choose your shape/silhouet and the texture of fabric in the proces.

July 15, 2013

School ; Textiles

Material : basic fabric - beige booklinen (what bookcovers are made of), middle part and behind the bookcover fabric - white silk organza, embroidery - blue yarn.

All about the textiles and materials: a textiles dress inspired on a ornamental aspect. I was searching for an organic something as ornament, so i came up with old books. I used the back and the bookbinding as an inspiration. I wanted to show the fragility what comes with old books, like a touch can do let them fall apart. Also the sort of clean way paper gives as a contrast, and yet still works together.

As technique i used a lasercutter, i drew a sketch based on the cratches on old books and cut them at the right part of the dress. The booklinen i attacked with sand paper for the rough/used effect, then sprayed with stonespray (yes, a spray that makes things looks like stone) an ombre over the whole dress from up to bottom. As for seam under the arms and the back, i've made a bookbinding with silk organza (it takes hours). I'm very pleased with the results, how about you? Share your opinion!

Inspiration image;

July 12, 2013

Fabric & Textures

Bottom: Real greenish/white suede by Alexander Wang - white waffle textured cotton - dark minty green batist cotton by Sjaak Hullekes - white mix of cotton/silk - dark minty green cotton thread - white twisted rope

For a school summer assignment i have to make an outfit for myself. I instantly knew what i want to make, clothes i cant seem to find in stores and wanted for a long time. Lately i'm into white and natural colors (still a black kinda girl though), also i prefer fabrics of good quality like silk and leather. With a combination of these two an idea was born.

What do you think about the combination of these fabrics?

July 10, 2013

The Notorious BIG

Shoes & shirt: H&M
The greatest rapper of all time, couldn't resist in buying it.