August 18, 2013


Since i'm a chaotic person, i've lost every single pencil, pen, scissors ect. that i owned. I thought it would be necessary to make an pen case to hold them all together and never lose anything again. And since the new school year starts about 2 weeks, why not make one now?

I'm going to take you through it step by step so you can make your own!

What you need;
20cm zipper
A piece of fabric
I wanted to make one in faux white leather, but you can use any fabric you want.

Step 1&2 (no photo); First thing you're gonna do is measure the length, in this case your zipper is 20cm so the width is going to be 20 cm. For the height i wanted that my scissors fit the case but you can decide the height of your case-thing on your own.
step 3-5 below; So now lets draw this measurements out and remember to draw 1cm extra seam for sewing. Then cut it out of the fabric and then you'll have something like this.

When you've done that, you can fold the fabric with the wrong side on the inside together. Now we are going to add the zipper: in photo 7 you can see that you have to fold the seam also for the zipper. Put the zipper underneath the seam and pin it together (i never use pins in skai or leather but for now this is the clearest way to show what i'm doing).

Sew the zipper on the fabric, do the same with the other side of the zipper and sew agian. BUT beware; this is going to cause drama under the sewing machine because you have to place/pull/fight with the fabric underneath the sewing needle! So FOCUS.

After you did some fighting/pulling and placing, you have a perfect stitched zipper.
On to the next step, we are almost done.
Turn from sides so the good side of the fabric is on the inside. Open up the zipper a bit (nr13) cause you're going to turn it agian after sewing. So now we are at step 14, sew the sides together so you're case/clutch is closed.

Step 15; Only thing left to do is cut all four edges Look out that you don't cut through the stitching and turn it around agian.

And you're done! There is your case-thing! Hope you've enjoyed making it and have a lot of fun with it!


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