August 29, 2013


Bershka top - Vintage skirt - Zara shoes - Vintage Ray-Ban sunnies

However i'm pretty a minimalist when it comes to fashion and colors i'd wear. But as i said in a earlier post, sometimes you just have to experiment when it comes to fashion. That is what fashion is all about at the end of the day, experimenting, trying out, combine ect. So for me, this is an experiment again, a vintage long skirt with plisse (and dessin!). Something i'd thought i would never wear in the first place because, i'm short. Second place, i'm more of a jeans / trousers kinda person. But hey, it's all about trying. Well, i still combined with a black top and jacket though (black goes never out of style). Wore it with high heels in daytime but at night i'd changed them high heels for black New Balance sneakers, so my feet could survive the evening.

Do you often wear something you'd thought you'd never wear?

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