September 2, 2013


Probably when you're reading this, i'm at the first day of a new school year again!

Remember when i showed you some close ups of what i've made for the summer assignment? Well, today we (my classmates and i) have to actually wear it to school, to show it to each other and the teachers. Kinda freaks me out to wear my own design and wearing it for a bunch of people.... Still excited though.

Preparing for first schooldays, i never know what to bring with me cause most of the time you'll get an introduction and information about the lessons and so on. At this very moment i've put this in my bag for surviving the first day;

1; A bag to put everything in.
2; iPhone.
3; Macbook Pro for research.
4; Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies for when the sun decide to come out.
5; Lectra ProMarkers for Fashion Design class (in case needed).
6; School pass.
7; Because i have 29 other classmates, the headphones are a rescue.
8; Agenda.
9; My DIY pen case filled with everything i may be need.
10; Dummy for random thoughts and sketches.

Did i miss something? And how was your first day of school?

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