September 14, 2013


Hi there! Last few days i've been quite busy with this project :
Claudia Strater is a Dutch womenswear fashion brand who asked us (my classmates and i) to make a design from old Claudia Strater clothes to a new silhouette. Costumers had the chance to return their old clothes and got a discount for the new collection instead. Each student had to pick out seven items which they find interesting enough to recreate a new design with. There were no limits and we could do everything we want except using fabric was not allowed, only the items we picked. Interesting! So we've had five days to cut/sew/rip/recreate all to a new one. At Monday, the Claudia Strater design team will pick 5 winners, and their design will be showed at three different shops in Holland. So at this moment, i'm giving my recreation a last finishing touch. I'll show you my recreation later!

About Claudia Strater:
Claudia Strater was build in 1970 and is 100% Dutch design with 28 shops, 13 shop in shops in The Netherlands, Luxemburg and a webshop. Our vision is that fashion must show personality and individual interpretation. Claudia Strater stands for quality, functionality, timeless and elegant, now and in the future.
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