December 28, 2013


Since a new year is about to arrive in a few days, i thought it was time to share some bad habits going on in my life. And i think more of you will recognize themselves in this and raise your voice if so (so i don't feel guilty alone).
These days a lot a human are buying more than they need, it's healthy because it's in our genes. Though with a new year to come, i have to let go of this habit myself because i don't really need it.

So here it is: "Bad habit part one":
Shoes i'd thought i needed, but don't need. (i was in denial at the time when buying)

From the left to the right.

"The Colored shoe" from a small shop in The Netherlands
Ah yes, let's begin with this category. The colored shoe is not a shoe i would particularly wear on a daily basis. So every now and then i try and try buying this type of shoe over and over again and every time it will end up in the back of my closet. It's not that i don't like color, but it doesn't fit 'me' that well. I have to stop trying making this dream come true.

"The Impulsive shoe" from Primark
The title says it all. I think we all made this mistake.. The shoe i definitely didn't need and also never wore. Hmm..

"The Party shoe" by Guess
The shoe you-would-wear-to-a-party-if-you-have-one. Yes, they're killing your feet and you'll have to sit down the whole party if you want to survive. Sure pretty and looks perfect with a dress but such a waste of money for only that one time.

"The Vintage shoe" unknown
My favorite! Most of the time when buying vintage shoes, they end up in the closet. Confusing when my most treasured shoes are vintage. This one didn't make the top 10, guess that all happens to one of us.

So another lesson learned for upcoming 2014. Think before acting, it will save me a lot of money (and space)!

Do you recognize yourself in this? And have the same sort of "shoe" habit?

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