January 23, 2014


Thought about doing a sort of French wardrobe concept in a previous post. Buying less each season and purchase more timeless pieces i'm really missing out there in my closet makes me save money and having a wardrobe what is more combined.
Few years ago, I was like a crazy person running around shops and buying impulsive pieces all the time. They'd end up in charity now. Good for the environment, not for my wallet.
This society is buying more than we need, just because we can. A good start begins with yourself, so this is my beginning.

Some simple rules i have to follow:
- 5 pieces each season, must make a list of which pieces. If i don't, i know myself, i will break the rules.
- Basics and underwear not included. These items are always necessary.
- Only quality. So big no to acrylic/polyester ect... (Did this already).

Some extra's:
- Throw everything out. Items i didn't wore or touched for a year are out.
- Don't do internet shopping. Exception: only with a goal of one of the 5 items.
- Make more items myself instead.

The actual item list is coming up later. Since it's only 5 pieces each season i'll have to think about which one very carefully... (!)
So........ Who's with me?

photo from tumblr, anonymous (?)

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