August 23, 2013


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Lately i've been thinking a lot about seeing the world. For example; I have never been out of Europe except for Egypt. Maybe it's because it is summer holiday and i see a lot of vacation/holiday/jealous-making photos on Facebook, Instagram ect. It gives me a feeling like i have to instantly pack my bags, put on a sunglasses, have my camera battery loaded and leave.
If you've asked me two years ago if i wanted to leave Europe, i would have said: no. But now i personally think traveling makes a person more creative and more developed, cause of the influences, experiences and inspirations you get on your journey. Like fabric hunting in Marrakech or India is not the same as in Paris, it's a whole other perspective and can change the way you've been thinking about quality's, structures, textures and patterns.

But before that day comes, that i'm finally going somewhere far away from Holland, i've searched and decided what country's/cities i want to see in the first place. Here's a top 5 (Ok, 6);

Moskou & St. Petersburg, Russia
- I don't know why, but i always wanted to go there.

Bangkok and everything Thailand has to offer
- Silks, temples, tuctuc & waterfalls.

New York city, US
- Fashion capital, skylines & the city.

Beijing, Shanghai, China & Hongkong
- Oh well, just because it's China.

- Old cars, cigars & old colored architecture.

Marrakech, Morocco
- Bazar, Arabian nights, spices & fabrics

What country's or cities have you never been to and do you want to visit? Or have you already been to one of my top 6's?

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